Charity Days at The Green Shed

At The Green Shed we donate regular lump sums of $10,000 to local charities.

Through the generous support and help of the Canberra public we have already raised over $1,000,533 for local charity groups!

These include:

The Starlight Foundation / Pegasus / Ronald McDonald House Canberra / Olivia Lambert Foundation /

McGrath Foundation / Marymead / Domestic Violence Crisis Support / Police Citizens Youth Club / The Yellow Van /

Missing School / Friends of Brain Injured Children / Paperworks Inc. / Karinya House /

MS ACT / A Gender Agenda / ACT Intellectually Disabled Men’s Basketball / Arthritis ACT / ACT Down Syndrome Assoc /

Refugees Canberra / Missionworx / Common Ground / Community Kitchen / Cerebral Palsy Alliance / Autism Asperger / Bosom Buddies / Radio 1RPH / Craft ACT / RSPCA ACT / Diabetes ACT

Vietnam Veterans ACT / Retina Aust ACT / Camp Quality / Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT / Canberra City Care / Snowy Hydro Southcare / RiverSmart Aust / Cancer Support Group (Eden Monaro)

RiverSmart / Canberra City Stallions / ACT Deafness Resource Centre / Sweet Charitea / Painting with Parkinsons/ Wizards Tenpin Bowling Team / Special Olympics Greater Canberra Club / Christopher van Leeuwen Asthma Foundation / SCENE / Music for Canberra / Oz Harvest ACT

Does your organisation qualify?

At The Green Shed (TGS) we hold a Charity Day on the last Wednesday of each month. On these days, 100% of all proceeds from sales are collected until we reach a figure of $10,000. We then donate the entire amount to our current chosen charity before we begin collecting for the next charity on our list.

We encourage and welcome your donations of goods to be put out for sale on the day. If you choose to do this, all money from the sale of your items will be donated to the current charity (if sold on the day).

We donate to non-profit organisations that are registered charities and who operate to benefit the Canberra community. With this in mind, we encourage any groups that meet this criterion to contact our Charity Day Manager.

Charitable organisations are invited to email Elaine with a short description of their operation for consideration by the TGS management team. If we agree to select your charity as a recipient of one of our $10,000 donations, you will then be added to our list.

The TGS management committee reserves the right to exercise discretion when making decisions concerning this initiative. In addition to this we support many schools and other organisations by providing supplies, equipment or furniture. If you think we can assist, please do not hesitate to call.