Building materials

Second Hand Building materials

Throughout history, building materials have been changing. From natural to man-made and composite, their trends tend to influence the economic, ecological, energy and social costs of building. Depending on the type, building materials will provide a different feel and quality of life. No matter if you are changing just one thing, like the roof or bathroom, or doing a complete renovation of your house for example, your used building materials can be useful to someone else.

The Green Shed Canberra will accept all your unwanted building materials due to be sent to the landfill and sell it to the public at affordable prices. You can bring it yourself to one of the two Green Shed Canberra locations: the Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre in Symonston or the Flemington Road Resource Management Centre in Mitchell. Or, if you are eligible for the ACT government free pick-up service, which you can check via information on our website, we will provide transport for your used building materials (not rubble).

If you are looking to buy second hand materials, we have a wide range of the cheapest building materials. Our employees will be happy to help you when looking for appropriate building supplies. If you choose to use recycled building materials, we have all shapes and types you might need. So, come to our store and inspect our inventory, or contact us via information provided on our website. We will be happy to answer all you questions and queries, and help you find what you are looking for.