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The Green Shed At The Green Shed we gratefully accept unwanted items that can be resold in our Shed, subject to quality and demand. Contact us

The Green Shed

We sell a very large variety of goods at bargain prices and we have helpful and friendly staff who can assist you with finding what you are looking for as well as with unloading or loading your vehicle.

What does The Green Shed accept? At The Green Shed we aim to accept the maximum amount of reusable items from the public. We have two convenient locations at the resource management centres on the north side in Mitchell and on the south side at Symonston.

If you have unwanted items that you think can be used by someone else then please drop them off at The Green Shed. Because of limited storage space or lack of demand there are some things that we sometimes have to decline. We are unable to accept or handle items that may pose a health risk and there are some items that we are not legally qualified to process. Our friendly staff will assess each item and offer you a good reason if we cannot accept it.


The Green Shed Canberra offers a range of bikes at an affordable price. We also accept used bikes in good condition


Instead of letting used furniture to a landfill, donate your unwanted pieces to The Green Shed Canberra.


We are contracted by the ACT Government to offer the public an alternative to disposing their unwanted clothes to the landfill.

Building materials

The Green Shed Canberra will accept all your unwanted building materials due to be sent to the landfill and sell it to the public at affordable prices.


If you want to donate your used books, you are more than welcome to give them to The Green Shed.


Why send anything to landfill when it can be used by someone else?

Charity Cars at The Green Shed

Charity Cars and OzHarvest Canberra

Charity Cars and OzHarvest Canberra make it easy for you to help others by enabling you to donate your unwanted vehicle and help feed local Canberra charities.

Charity car pickup Canberra service

We will come to you and take away – free of charge – any unwanted vehicles (Conditions apply).

We do not pay for unwanted vehicles

We do not pay for unwanted vehicles but we donate a percentage of the value to OzHarvest Canberra to help them continue their very important work in the Canberra region.

Our locations

The Green Shed Shop

Address: View on maps

Phone: +61 467 830 070 

Trading hours

Wednesday – Friday
10am – 5:45pm

Saturday & Sunday
10am – 3:45pm

The Green Shed Underground

Address: View on maps

Phone: +61 467 830 077

Trading hours

Wednesday – Friday
10:30am – 5:45pm

10:30am – 4pm

The Green Shed – Mugga Lane

Address: View on maps

Phone: +61 467 830 008

Trading hours

Monday – Sunday
7:30am – 4:45pm

The Green Shed – Mitchell

Address: View on maps

Phone: +61 467 830 011

Trading hours

Monday – Sunday
7:30am – 4:45pm

Charity Days at The Green Shed

At The Green Shed (TGS) we hold a Charity Day on the last Wednesday of each month. On these days, 100% of all proceeds from sales are collected until we reach a figure of $10,000. We then donate the entire amount to our current chosen charity before we begin collecting for the next charity on our list.